[Advaita-l] Application of Bhagavat Geeta in daily Life

kuntimaddi sadananda kuntimaddisada at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 22 06:05:26 CDT 2013

PraNAms to all
There were some discussion both in the list and outside the list  - how to apply Geeta in our daily life. In response to that, a series of talks are planned that started on this gurupurnima day with the blessing of the guruparampara. 
Series of weekly spiritual exercises are proposed for those who want to apply. The talks will be effective only when the exercises are done with sincerity and with commitment. Honesty to oneself is best way to purify the mind required for the spiritual evolution. Swami Tejomayananda once said, “ Spirituality is not activity. It is
not doing something special, but doing everything in a special way. It is a
special attitude. Once our attitude is divinized our entire life becomes
special and spiritual, irrespective of whether we are young, old, working,
retired, administrators or workers”. These exercises that involves introspection and self-analysis are the accepted methodology for spiritual evolution. Yesterday talk is available at the following URL for those who are interested. 
Hari Om!

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