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Rajaram - PraNAms 
I feel there is a mixing up of the concepts of  other matas with advatic doctrine.
From the vishiShTaadvaita point these are matter, made of pure satva only - a jiiva also get saatvic body when he takes a dip in the river (I think it is called sarayu) and gets welcome by the mother of all, Lakshmi Devi who is happy to see her son coming back and dresses up the jiiva (like prodigal son who has come back) and presents him to the father. These are all projections of the vaishnava Tradition which believes that Vaikunta is moksha. Vyaavahaara is there from their point since jiiva's role is to serve the Lord all the time.
Let us not get mixed up with adviatic doctrinal position that you are asking. Paaramaarthika, vyaavahaarika and praatibhaasika divisions are mostly from advaita position.
From advaita as I mentioned within vyavahaara there are only 14 lokas highest being satya loka. One can go up to that and return or evolve further by karma mukti.
Other than that there is no vaikunta or kailaasa as per advaita. 
There is no point in mixing up these doctrinal positions and get confused.
Any way this is my view.
Hari Om!

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>Namaskarams. If Vaikuntha and Kailasa are not bautika, then what are they made of? Also, if they are not in vyavahara realm, how is vyavaharam possible in these lokas? My original question was whether vaikuntha and kailasa are eternal lokas in vyavahara realm but from what you say they seem to be paramarthika as per advaita though different to advaita siddhi. Is that a correct understanding of your view? If so, how can that be true as only advaita siddhi is paramarthika? 
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>Shree Rajaram - PraNAms. You should know too, if I may say so. Vaikunta and kailasa do not come under the Bhoutika prapancha that consists of 14 lokas. In the krama mukti the highest is satya loka where jiiva either come back to the earth or gets Vedantic knowledge from Brahmaji and gets liberated at the end of that loka.
>Vaikunta and Kailaasa are supposed to be where mukta jiivas go, and therefore do not come under vyaavahaarika lokas as per Advaita. As per vishishTaadvaita, for example - they are lokas where there is no return back since they are liberated even though they will be transacting with each other and also serving the Lord, while enjoying infinite happiness. 
>Advaita does not accept such mukti where duality persists; and since they are not part of the 14 lokas of the bhoutika prapanca they are not accepted in that category also.  udaramantaram kurute athathasya bhayam bhavati - even a spec of difference will cause fear and therefore samsara, and hence as per advaita there is no freedom from samsara even in VaikunTa. Such conditioned freedom is not accepted by Advaita even under karma mukti also.
>Just my 2c.
>Hari Om!
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