[Advaita-l] A Poem to Tripurasundari Devi

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This poem also features in June 2013 edition of Kalyana Kalpataru (

I loved it, and hope you enjoy it too.

Sony Krishna Swamy

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> The inebriating Divine Smile that stills the mind of the saintly fortunate
> The smile that grants beatitude even while living in mundane world
> That inundates the heart with unalloyed bliss
> That bestows bounty and saintliness on its votaries
> That which accomplishes the purpose of life and grants supreme divine
> fulfillment
> That which invigorates life with energy divine
> That which attracts and intoxicates the eyes of Shiva, who burnt lust to
> ashes
> That which assures protection to the gods and the virtuous
> That which grants succour to devotees from the vortex of desires
> That which pours out parental affection to Guha, Ganesha and all beings of
> the three worlds
> That for which the saintly are thirsty
> That divine rapturous smile of Tripurasundari, Lalita
> I adore constantly, for it intoxicates me with Her supreme
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