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Hare Krishna. I'm just checking to see how strong these statements are.
1. It is Ishwara who is called nirguna. So, is it not appropriate to call him unbound (nirguna)?
2., 3. The Lord is beyond mind. 
4. Negation of particular features to show totality
5. Negation of mind, eyes etc. which are created by Him who is beyond all created things. 

If the world is known to be real, then nirguna, nirAkari, nirvisesha etc. can be interpreted to negate material binding, material form, material attributes etc. Is it not?

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I shall be grateful if someone could get me the phrases in Vedas or
Upanishadhs where the ParaBrahman is termed as nirguNa.

praNAms hare krishna

01. in shevetAshvata up. eko devaH sarvabhuteshu................kevalO 

02. in taitereeya : yato vAcho nivartante aprApya manasa saHa

03.  in kena : na tatra chakshurgacchati na vAgacchati nO manaH

04.  in bruhadAraNyaka : neti neti, through negation of any specific 
features shruti says brahman is nirguN

05. again in br. up.  shruti explicitly says brahman is akshara and this 
brahman is neither gross, nor subtle, without smell, without eyes, without 
ears, without taste, having no mind etc. I think shruti maNtra for this is 
in third adhyAya.

Hope this would suffice to know that according to shruti siddhAnta 
ultimately brahman is nirguNa, niravayava, nirvikAri.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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