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Rajaram Venkataramani rajaramvenk at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 07:10:04 CDT 2013

Sri Subrahmanian: Regarding the structured sadhana path, I remember to have
translated and posted an article of MM Vidwan Sri Krishnamurthy Sastrigal
who has based it on the early advaitic works of Sureswara, etc. If I trace
that article I
shall post it here.
RV: Please do.
Sri Bhaskar:  No, at any point of time jnAni would not engage himself in a
prohibited act as he sees even vihita karma is avidyAkruta..Shankara is
quite explicit in this assertion.  If Sri MS says jnAni act in a prohibited
manner then it is not in line with what bhagavatpAda's teaching.
RV: Does Sankara assert that a jnAni will never engage in prohibited
actions, where?  Madhusudana says that a jnani will not because of lack of
selfishness but even if he did it wont affect his jnana. Sri Bhaskar: If
the vAsana-s are not destroyed in the jeevAn mukta then he is not fit to be
called 'JEEVAN MUKTA', mukti from what then??  If the jnAni (mukta!!??)
still engages himself in prohibited act between the periods of jeevana
muktAvastha & vAsanAkshaya / manOnAsha stage then he is noway better than
loukika-s like us. What does the samAdhi word mean here according to Sri
MS, kindly let me know.From this should I understand that order of mukhya
mukti according to Sri MS will be :  yama niyamAdi panchAnga yOga sAdhana >
 tattva jnAna / jeeVan mukti (tainted with vAsana-s & manOvikAra  > saMyama
through dhAraNa, dhyAna and samAdhi > manOnAsha / vAsanAkshaya and then
finally ....!!??  what not clear.
RV: I dont think he disagrees with you. tattva jnana is the fourth stage of
jnanabhumi. vasanakshaya happens in the sixth. tattva jnana is enough to
end re-birth. but higher stages are required to quiet the mind.

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