[Advaita-l] Unmanifest and its Secrets

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Rama, krishna, Buddha are all realised masters , attained the fullfilment
of the ultimate goal of life. Hence, they were seen as GOD-s. For that
matter, all those who have reached this ultimate are GODs. Even today,
there are such masters. Are we able to recognise?

For such people, Karma or no karma does not matter, for the jiva bhava /
ego/ limitedness has dissolved. They can no more consider any act as
seriously as we do. In thier eyes, all these happnens  - with or without
anybody, including they themselves.  ,

In Gita Chp 5 it is therefore said  "KarmaNi akarma yaH paShYEt  akarmaNi
ca karmaNi ca karma yaH, saH, BuDhDhimAn manuShEShu, saH yuKtaH saH suKhI

this sloka succecently captured the karma around a sanyasi.

Karma   rather  "doing"  is for one who is yet to realise his true nature /



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