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Namaskaram Sriram. I'm not suggesting that we start sanyasishadi.com :) 

My question is why is a sanyasi allowed to worship Ishwara if bhakti is ajnana? Is he expected to worship Ishwara as that would be like forcing him in to ajnana? If it is to set an example for others, then why not he set an example by running goshala, a good karma or performing fire sacrifices? These are also purifying acts like upasana. 
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On what basis are yatis allowed one type of 
ajnAnA (bhakti, pranava japam etc.) 
but disallowed another (progeny, cattle)? 

If the sanyasi owns progeny & cattle, then what sort of sanyasi is he?
In mahAbhArata (udyOga parva 33-57), it is stated that:
dvAvEva na virAjatE viparItEna karmaNA
gruhasthashcha nirArambhaH kAryavAnshchaiva bhikSukaH
The meaning of the above sloka is that the sanyasi who is treading the nivrutti mArga
should be in his niSTa and the grihastha who is treading the pravrutti mArga should 
be in his niSTa.  When the two paths gets intermixed, the confusion arises and
leads to "ubhaya-bhraSTatva".
The sanyAsi by constantly associating himself with grihastha will get attracted towards
laukika vAsanAs which results in his ashrama bhraSTatva.  Similarly, the grihastha
by constantly associated with sanyAsi would start aping like him and throw off his grihasthAshrama dharma and anuSTAna to winds and behave like pseudo-advaitin.  
Both should know their own limits and behave in society.  
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