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> Hare Krishna. I would like to understand the specific karma that is
> ordained for sannyasis.

Shri Sriram has replied this part.

> If a sannyasi is a jivan mukta, how can any one ordain him to do any thing?

If he is a jivanmukta and takes sannyasa it is called 'vidvat sannyasa' and
if he is in any institution he will follow the yati dharma like daily danDa
tarpaNam, rituals with baths, chAturmAsyam, dIkShA visarjanam of specific
days, etc.  On the other hand, if he is an avadhUta, then he is a wandering
one with no prescriptions to follow.  What was said above is for the
benefit of others rather than for the jivanmukta-sannyasin's own benefit.

> Also, what is the shruti / smrti pramana for
> sannyasis to give up karma?

The jAbAla upaniShad 'yadaharEva virajEt tadaharEva pravarjEt'  ['The day
on which a person attains strong dispassion let him renounce that very day,
from whichever Ashrama he is in.]

Then there is the famous Br.up. 4.4.22 and 3.5.1. The Tai.AraNyaka 'na
karmaNA na prajayA dhanena tyAgenaike amRtatvam AnashuH.'    [neither by
karma, nor by progeny or by wealth, but by renouncing (these along with
their means) some attain to immortality] can be seen as shruti pramANa for
sannyAsa, both vividiShA and vidwat.

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