[Advaita-l] Interest Collection is Wrong according to Dharma?

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Tue Jul 2 12:17:55 CDT 2013

brahmins & kshatriyas were forbidden in dharma sastras.
It is vaishya vritti.  However, dharma shastra instructs himto take a very nominal interest only during Apat-kAla.
The %age of interest should also be accordingto then prevailing rates across the world.  If possible,it was advised to do samudrayAna (cross the oceans)and find out the prevailing interest rates in the foreigncountries and then decide the interest rate
samudrayAna kushalA dEshakAlArtha darshinaHpayanti tu yAM vruddhiM sA tatrAdhigamaM prati
So, brahmins are forbidden from taking interests.
However, when they have stooped to such low levelsof doing shunaka-vritti for survival, IMHO, there is nothing wrong in taking the same, if it meant only for self-sustenance and family support.  
If that is the only means of livelihood, thenhe is bound to do that for his survival.
The basic underlying principle behind thesedharma sukshma is that artha & kAma shouldbe earned with dharma in mind. 
Equipped with all these 3, one should strive forchaturtha purushArtha ie., moksha.

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