[Advaita-l] Birth Place of Panini

Venkatesh Murthy vmurthy36 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 3 06:25:55 CST 2013

Birth place of Panini in Pakistan -

“The birth place of Pãnini is at the present village of Lahur about 5
k.m. south of District town of Swabi. The present village has shifted to
the main road that goes from Jahangira to Swabi. The old village was 3
k.m. west of the main road where formerly there was a big mound of
ancient time. But unfortunately in the recent years the mound has been
levelled down. However, there is a village nearby which is even now
known as Panai. On last Friday dated May 19, 1995 1 took a group of
visitors to this site and this group has recommended to the local authori
ties to erect a memorial with the name of Panini. His name is well-known
in the region and the people are proud of this great scholar. So far
there has been no postage stamp issued bearing a picture of Panini.
However,the Government of Pakistan has planned to revive the old
University at Taxila.
In that University, we are hoping to establish an Institute of
lanuages and linguistics and give it
the name of Panini Institute.’

But in India Sanskrit is losing status in Schools.



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