[Advaita-l] agnimukha prayOga - a query

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Thu Apr 25 12:02:41 CDT 2013

It is always ShaTpAtra in Apastamba. In case there is anything other than
Ajya in the homa (caru, etc.), there is an extra step called lepa-kaaryam
which is performed after the samsraava-bhaaga.


On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 1:19 PM, Anand Hudli <anandhudli at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Bhaskar YR wrote:
> >Kindly let me know when we can follow 'chatushpAtra prayOga' and when we
> >have to follow 'shatpAtra prayOga'...
> The Nrisimha prayoga pArijAta of Rigvedins only mentions ShaTpAtraprayoga,
> AshTapAtraprayoga, and dvAdashapAtraprayoga. Kevala-Ajya-home (in a homa
> where the offering is only ghee) prokShaNIM sruvaM chamasamAjyapAtram
> idhmaM barhiH iti AsAdayet. AshTapAtraprayoga is for siddhAnna home (when
> offering is also charu, modaka, and other prepared items). Here we have
> charusthAlii, prokShaNI, darvI, sruva, praNitApAtra, AjyapAtra, idhma, and
> barhi. dvAdashapAtraprayoga is for a homa where charu is actually prepared
> as part of the homa. Here, shUrpa, kRShNAjina, ulUkhala, and musala are
> included.

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