[Advaita-l] agnimukha prayOga - a query

Anand Hudli anandhudli at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 24 12:19:33 CDT 2013

Bhaskar YR wrote:
>Kindly let me know when we can follow 'chatushpAtra prayOga' and when we
>have to follow 'shatpAtra prayOga'...

The Nrisimha prayoga pArijAta of Rigvedins only mentions ShaTpAtraprayoga,
AshTapAtraprayoga, and dvAdashapAtraprayoga. Kevala-Ajya-home (in a homa
where the offering is only ghee) prokShaNIM sruvaM chamasamAjyapAtram
idhmaM barhiH iti AsAdayet. AshTapAtraprayoga is for siddhAnna home (when
offering is also charu, modaka, and other prepared items). Here we have
charusthAlii, prokShaNI, darvI, sruva, praNitApAtra, AjyapAtra, idhma, and
barhi. dvAdashapAtraprayoga is for a homa where charu is actually prepared
as part of the homa. Here, shUrpa, kRShNAjina, ulUkhala, and musala are

There are many actions indicated in the prayoga texts where there is no
accompanying mantra. For example, prokShaNImuttAnI kRtvA, darbhe
prAdeshamAtre sAgre pavitre kRtvA tatpAtropari nidhAya, akShataiH saha
shuddhAbhiradbhiH pUrayitvA, etc.


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