[Advaita-l] Guru - Sishya relationship of Sri j~nAnEshvara and Sri nivrittinAtha

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Thank you for your reply to my query.

1. As both Nivritti and Jnanadev were very young, did Nivritti attain realization and then initiate Jnanadev ? Do we infer that Nivritti asked Jnanadev to compose Gita commentary after Jnanadev's enlightenment, and hence Nivritti's enlightenment prior to that?
2. In the Abhangas that I read, Jnanadev gives all the credit to Nivritti as his Guru. Are there any more accounts of how Nivritti taught Jnanadev? My question pertains to the method of their teaching? Jnanadev refers to the Grace of his Guru only. But, it does not appear to be the known Upanishadic method. Does their teaching tradition have anything common to the say Sankara's tradition?
3. Are the writings / teachings available now? Did Nivritti also compose Abhangas? Are there any printed works?
4. Any other information which will throw light on the specific Guru-Sishya relationship of Nivritti and Jnanadev.



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They belonged to the nAtha sampradAya and the origin of their guru-parampara starts
from matsyEndranAtha (mInanAtha).  They are also called nAtha siddhAs.
The disciple of matsyEndranAtha is gOrakh(sha)nAtha.  The disciple of gOrakshanAtha is gai(gaha)ninAtha.  The discple of gaininAtha is nivrittinAtha. 
This is a typical yOga sampradAya with a slight tinge of kauLa (not the one which the common layman thinks of !).  A perfect kauLAchAri is one who could raise his kuNDalini from mUlAdhAra to sahasrAra and then bring it back to the mUlAdhAra.  The one who is 
adept in such a type of kuNDalini utthAna prakriya and pierces the 6 chakrAs (the 6 chakras are called a *kula*) is called kauLAchAri. 
However, with nirvrittinAtha, things took a different turn with gaininAtha initiating him into 
kriSNOpAsana.  Thus, later on, the yOga sampradAya coupled with bhAgavata dharma
anuSTAna became their AchAra.  And this mantle fell on jnaneshwar maharaj.  
Nivrittinatha attained samadhi at Trayambakeshwar.  The adi guru Sri Matsyendranatha's samadhi is near sapta-shringi shrine which is in the village called *vaNi* near nashik of Maharashtra.  He sang several abhangs dedicated to Sri Vittala of Pandaripur.  The vArkari sampradAya of Maharashtra, even today, sing those bhajans during the Pandaripur yAtra.
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