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They realise that the seer is Hari, the Self.  They see only Hari with qualities but they see pure consciousness (Self) or ananda reflected in these qualities without a trace of sorrow characteristic of samsara and three gunas. Those who see Hari as separate from the Self cannot see His qualities as pure consciousness.  
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If gopis see Hari as Self, how do they see Hari with qualities? Do they see another Self without qualities also
(nirguna)? Those who see Him as God, do they see only transcendental qualities or some more add-on material
qualities also?

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> Hari is the Self of all. However, we don't see Him as such but as God or not at all as we are deluded by maya. However, gopis see Him as the Self as they are jnanis. We see His qualities as material (prakrtam) but gopis see it as aprakrtam. As atmaramas, they relish in these qualities which has an un-obstructed  reflection of pure consciousness and hence bliss itself. They don't relish material qualities which are perishable but relish in His transcendental qualities, which are eternal. In material names and forms, there is an obstruction of bliss due to rajas and tamas. 
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