[Advaita-l] Eka jiva vada and nana jiva vada.

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Who has seen Half Man Half Lion? But we can imagine Narasimha Avatara.
Someone has made a Narasimha statue or picture. We can see it and imagine.
We can offer prayers to Narasimha. Mathematics genius Ramanujan was
dreaming Narasimha was coming and giving him all the Maths formulas.

For Rabbit Horns also I can imagine some Rabbit with Horns in my mind. I
cannot see it outside the mind. But it is there in my mind. It is unreal. I
can draw a hare horns picture. If I want I can build a statue also. I can
see a Rabbit without horns running in the garden in waking and dream. There
is no difference between the Rabbit with horns in my mind and Rabbit
without horns. Both are unreal. There is no difference between imagined
objects and seen objects. Gaudapada has said this.

To confuse the opponents some people have said seen objects are Mithya but
Anirvachaniya. It is not real not false. They have also brought Bhava Rupa
Avidya. This is making Advaita like Dvaita. Because there is Brahma. There
is Bhava Rupa Avidya. There are two things.This is for confusing opponents
only. But Advaitis should study only pure Eka Jeeva Vada and Drishti
Srishti Vada.

In Drishti Srishti Vada the Rabbit without horn is there because I am
seeing it. The Rabbit with horns is also there in my mind because I am
imagining it. There is no difference between imagining and seeing. Both
will show only unreal objects.

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> > Namaste
> >
> >   In waking if I imagine a hare horns in my
> > mind I can say it is not real.
> >
> In every imagination, especially of objects, there is a picture/form of
> that object that also comes up in the mind.  What form does the imagination
> of 'hare's horn' have in the mind?  One can imagine/recollect only what is
> already seen/experienced before.  We have seen cow/buffalo/ram/rhino/deer
> horns and not hare's horn.  We can distinguish between those horns even if
> they lie separated from those animals.  But what form does the memory carry
> for a hare's horn?
> So, in the waking you can at best hear/read or recall to the mind the
> idea/concept of 'hare's horn', I mean just the words and no object.  And
> along with that  is there the thinking about the impossibility of it too.
> One can surely have such a thinking in the dream too since we have
> read/discussed/thought of the concept of hare's horn in the waking.
> On an aside, I would like to know who are shringi  and bhringi in relation
> to Shivaloka?  Is there any description of this horned entity in the
> puranas or other literature?
> subrahmanian.v
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