[Advaita-l] Supreme Brahman - the Ruler in Advaita?

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According to Madhusudana, there are three levels of bhakti as you may know. In the first level, the devotee thinks I am His. In the second level, he thinks He is mine. Both these think I am one and the Lord is another. At the highest level, which gopis were in, they realise "I am He". Please note such a jnani is a type of devotee according to Lord Krishna (BhG 7) and the highest. It is fallacious to argue that bhakti needs duality. In fact, as Madhusudana puts it, real devotion is possible only in non-dual state. All of us love our own self more than any one else as yajnavalkya says. Bhakti or love for Hari will be highest only for a jnani who knows Him to be the Self. 
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>The same
> nirupadhika brahman appears with a body of pure consciousness or of maya
> though in reality there is no body but only a transformation of the mind,
> explains Madhusudana in BhG 4. Advaita, therefore, is absolute non-dual
> theism not monism.

 "non-dual theism" is contradiction in terms and hence no value. If a
doctrine propound non-dual tatvam, it  has to be, by logical
implication,  a monism. Theism requires duality of "deity" and

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