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> There is nothing wrong in accepting several jiva-s in the vyavaharika but
> it is good to realize that all this 'several' becomes absorbed into the One
> and this happens 'through' *an* aspirant. This step is inevitable.
> The brahmasutra vRtti of Sri Sadashivendra Saraswati for  3.2.37 has an
> interesting observation:
> 'AkAshavat sarvagatashcha nityaH', 'nityaH sarvagataH shANuH' (BG 2.24)
> ityaadiruktaH.  tasmAt advitIyasya brahmaNaH AvidyakaM sarvam-AdAya
> shrutismRtibhyAm
> sarvagatatvam siddham.
> [The all-pervading nature of Atman is established in the scripture by
> admitting an illusory all-ness.]
> The idea is: 'all' itself is only an illusory manifestation of the One; One
> cannot also be many.  Yet, by admitting such allness the Atman is taught to
> be infinite.  'anekam' is 'ekam' and when it is seen that anekam has no
> real existence apart from ekam, even the name 'ekam' no longer carries
> weight.
This is the crux of the matter; nicely summarized.

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