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Namaskaram. Thank you for your wishes. The name Madhava was given based on
the time of birth and other names based  ishta deivam of elders and kula
deivam. In our family, we perform namakaranam on the eleventh day and that
is what we followed though I did not know the verse you quoted. However,
Sri Lankans perform on 31st day for son and 41st for daughter. According to
"Hindu Rites, Rituals, Customs and Traditions" by Prem P. Bhalla, the
namakaranam is done on the tenth day. He quotes Parshara Grhya Sutra -
"dashamya mutthapya pita nama karoti". I would think each family should try
to follow the rituals according to the grhya sutra of the family. For
example, in my family we have to follow as per Dhrahyayana grhya sutra but
that level of knowledge or practice is lost. It is mostly left to surviving
practices inthe family, I guess. For example, we dont perform nishkraman
ceremony but just go to a temple after 31 days. We do anna prasnanam and
ayush homam but not every one does vidyarambham. And the knowledge that
upanayanam should be done at eight is there but there have been delays in
the last two generations. We intend to perform upanayanam at the right age
and teach vedas through a guru in addition to givingg modern education.

At least for theoretical knowledge, I would like to learn  the srauta and
grhya sutras if there are authoritative books or lectures on the topic.
Please suggest, if any. Sri Subrahmanian introduced me to Sri Ramamurthy
Srautigal who said he will teach srauta and smarta karma as and when I can
go to Sringeri. He said I have to learn face to face initially and once the
foundation is laid continue online.

On Sat, Apr 6, 2013 at 6:19 AM, Venkata sriram P <venkatasriramp at yahoo.in>wrote:

> Namaste,
> Nice to learn that you have put bhagavannAma to your son.  "mAdhava" a
> very sweet name indeed !!
> The nAmakaraNa should be done on the 11th day after the birth.
> "dashamyA utthitAyAg snAtAyAM putrasya nAma dadAti pitAmAtEti" says the
> grihya sutra.
> The name thus fixed on the 11th day gives *Ayu vriddhi* to the son because
> with the nAmakaraNa, one should invoke the Agni onto the newly born son for
> his longevity.  Thus, the devata becomes the friend "mitra" to the parents
> (nAmnA chE dvayEtE mitraM Eva bhavataH).
> Also, request you to perform the upanayana of your son at the right age of
> 8 and impart vedic education first.
> tvaM jIvaH sharadaH shataM...
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