[Advaita-l] Historians before 20th century

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Fri Apr 5 07:58:06 CDT 2013

Just go and read the analysis of shatapatha brAhmaNa by Monier Williams and his
great conclusions about the dating of vedic age, his idea about what a tantra is !!
It is not that i am against the westerners studying our literature but what matters me most is the way they purposefully distorted the meanings of vedic mantras with the lure of christian evangelics !  The word "Arya" has been distored and murdered so much so that people are still clinging to that explanations given by Max Mueller & Monier Williams.  Our niruktakAra Yaska defined it long back that *Aryasya Ishwarasya putrAH* but who cares to listen to the poor fellow.  
I still remember those satirical words of Gurajada Apparao who makes fun of our vedas and shAstrAs saying that *vEdAlalO anni unnai shaaaa....." which resonates with the mindset of our so-called pundits. 
For that matter, i, personally, a shAkta and tAntrika, greatly admire Sir John Woodroof for his contributions in the field of shAkta and tantra. Woodroofe never distorted the shAkta siddhAnta and tAntrika mantras while explaining them.  I have read his entire works that are amazing and are inline with our ancient tAntrika siddhAnta. 
I don't know where we are heading to with this mindset. 
iti shrI kAvyakaNTa gaNapati shAstri pra-pautraH...

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