[Advaita-l] Historians before 20th century

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Fri Apr 5 05:12:42 CDT 2013

May i know the reason behind your liking for Monier Williams? 
Indian has produced far more greater indologists & historians like Dr.Kota Venkatachalam Garu & Prof. SK Ramachander Rao Sir.  
Foreign indologists have put forth distorted chronological tables of our history. They have distorted entire Rajatanrangini of Kalhana for which we are now suffering like anything.  
I was studying the *History of Andhra Desa* by a foreign indologist and was surprised to
see several blunders in them and fitting reply was given by one of our greatest telugu
historians Prof. Kota Venkatachalam Garu.  
As per the foreign author, the people of Andhra were the descendants of mlecchAs who were once the sons of Viswamitra.  Among the 100 sons of Viswamitra, 50 of them became mlecchAs, chandalas, andhras, dasyus & vEda bAhyAs with the curse of Viswamitra.  This foreign indologist deduces that the descendants of one of the cursed sons of Viswamitra ie., andhra to be AndhrAites !!
This was fittingly and very beautifully countered by Prof. Kota Venkatachalam Garu by saying that the word *Andhra* is already mentioned in our puranas.  Bali, who happened to be the descendant of Yayati had 6 sons and one among them is *andhra*.  The kingdom of this king is called *Andhra*.  
So, i would advice you to think twice before going for foreign indologists who have 
destroyed our history and done much harm than good.  Unfortunately, we are craving for such people only like Griffith, Wilson, Jones, Monier, Max Mueller etc. 

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