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> > Both objects in waking and dream are imagined. No real object is there
> > outside. No real object is there inside.
> >
> > All objects are imagined all objects are equally false. They are Asat.
> You
> > cannot say one shell silver is Mithya and another Rabbit Horns is Asat.
> > Because you imagine silver shell and you imagine Rabbit horns also. They
> > are same.
> >
> >
You said -

> According to vEdAnta the 'ego' never creates the 'non-ego' . If that was
> the case, then it is not at very different from solipsism.
15 Those that exist within the mind as subjective ideas and are known as
unmanifested and those that are perceived to exist outside in a manifested
form, both are mere objects of the imagination. Their difference lies only
in the difference of the organs by means of which they are perceived.

Adi Sankara Bhashya conclusion for this - Ata Kalpita Eva Jagradbhava Api
Svapnabhavavaditi Siddham. Things in the waking are imagined like the
things in dream. This is proved.

If you say it is the Lord's imagination not me. The Lord has created this
world.  Who is the Lord? Who is me? Both are same. They are not different.
Only one Atma is there but by ignorance we think there is Lord and Jeevas
and they are separate. We think Lord is ruling the Jeevas but it is one
more imagination. There is no Lord separate from me there is no Jeeva
separate from me.

Only I am the one and only Jeeva. I am imagining the outside things in
waking. I am imagining things in my dream also. There is no difference
between waking and dream. Both are dreams only.

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