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Gaudapada Karika is saying in Vaitathya Prakarana

5 Thoughtful persons speak of the sameness of the waking and dream states
on account of the similarity of the objects perceived in both states on the
grounds already mentioned.

13 The Lord (Atman), with His mind turned outward, imagines in diverse
forms various objects either permanent, such as the earth, or impermanent,
such as lightning, which are already in His mind in the form of vasanas, or
desires. Again, He turns His mind within and imagines various ideas.

14 Those that are cognized internally only as long as the thought of them
lasts and those that are perceived outside and relate to two points in
time, are all mere objects of the imagination. There is no ground for
differentiating the one from the other.

Both objects in waking and dream are imagined. No real object is there
outside. No real object is there inside.

All objects are imagined all objects are equally false. They are Asat. You
cannot say one shell silver is Mithya and another Rabbit Horns is Asat.
Because you imagine silver shell and you imagine Rabbit horns also. They
are same.

On Wed, Apr 3, 2013 at 5:22 PM, vinayaka ns <brahmavadin at gmail.com> wrote:

> There seems to be some confusion regarding the difference between the dream
> experience and the waking experience. gaudapAda himself has differentiated
> between these in the alAtashAnti prakaraNa.  bhAshyakArapAda's commentary
> on these karikas are crisp and clear.
> Relevant kArikAs:
> 87 Vedanta recognizes the ordinary state of waking, in which duality,
> *consisting of objects and the idea of coming in contact with them, is
> admitted*. It also recognizes a purer ordinary state i.e. the dream state,
> in which is experienced duality consisting of objects and the idea of
> coming in contact with them, *though such objects do not exist*.
> 88 The wise recognize another state, in which there exist neither objects
> nor ideas regarding them. This state is beyond all empirical experiences.
> They describe the three: knowledge, the objects of knowledge i.e. the three
> states and the supremely knowable i.e. Ultimate Reality.
> 89 Having known knowledge and the threefold knowable, one after another,
> the knower, endowed with supreme intellect, attains in this very life and
> everywhere, the state of omniscience.
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