[Advaita-l] World is Flower in the Sky

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Tue Apr 2 23:44:08 CDT 2013

This is a big confusion with things in a dream. The stone, the silver, the
shell, the Flower in the Sky, the Rabbit with Horns and Ghost all these
things are in a dream only.
This siddhAnta is so crystal clear in the 1st sloka of Dakshinamurty Stotra itself. You are getting confused and confusing others here. 
These druSTAntAs are called *bhrama druSTAntAs*.   Just accept them as it is and move on.  
The incidents in the dream are real, w.r.t to dream state, per se.  But where is this dream when you wake up ?  All are gone.  
Similarly, this jagat-bhAvana is also an *antaH-karaNa vritti* ONLY which is called *adhyAsa* or *bhrama*.  Once, the tAdAtmya with adhiSTAna is achieved, this antaH-karaNa vritti* called jagat-bhAvana drops off.  
It is this *antaH-karaNa vritti* in the form of *ahaM*  which is called *prathama-vikalpa* which is superimposed on brahma vastu.  And this *prathama-vikalpa* is called *adhyAsa* which results in wrong cognition (athasmin tat buddhiH).
This tAdAtmya of brahma-vastu with antaH-karaNa-vritti is so strong that a sort of knot is created which is called *chit-jaDa-granthi*.  
Hence, only a shrOtriya & brahmaniSTa guru can untie this knot of ignorance.

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