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Tue Apr 2 20:34:13 CDT 2013

Here is one way to dismiss what you see as not real even in the present.
1. Look at a pot and say here is a ring.
2. Examine the ring carefully and say it is actually gold.
3. Examine more carefully and say it is only gold since everywhere it is nothing but gold.
4. Examine even more carefully and say there is really no ring there and what is there is nothing but gold only. 
Hence Goudapaada says - adou anteca yannaasti, vartamaanepi tattathaa.That which is not there in the past and that which may not be there in the future is not REALLY there in the present too. what is there is just the name and form of the substantive Brahman - vaachaarambhanam vikaaraH naamadheyam.
Hence Shakara says what ever you see is mithyaa or put it correctly since you see it it is mithaa - dRisyatvaat. while other aachaaryaas say since you see it it is real. Yet they also distinguish the reality of gold is slightly different from that of ring and bangle. One is changless while the other is changing. Hence degree of reality is in a way accepted but for them both are real as Brahman since they are experienced. For whatever experiened is mithyaa - since it is experienced. Hence realization is not an experience but it is knowledge aham brahaamsi - and brahma vit brahma eva bhavati -  implying that brahman knowledge is not different from self-knowledge. 
Hari Om!

> From: Srinath Vedagarbha <svedagarbha at gmail.com>
>It seems there is some meaning in dualist’s accusation that advaitic
>‘mithya’ is another name for plain old asat and just a fig leaf
>attempt to distance themselves from jagat shUnyavAdins?

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