[Advaita-l] World is Flower in the Sky

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Shree Venkatesh - PraNAms
I know everybody pointed out the difference between sky-flower is different from mithyaa - first it is asat (at least currently non-existent) while mithyaa is sat-asat vilakshanam, neither real nor unreal. If one insists that they are the same by quoting a statement out of context, then, let that be so, for him. The fact is - the advaitic understanding however differs from his. 
In the dream, for the dreamer, the dream objects are transactionally real. In the waking state, for the waker, the waking objects are transactionally real. Hence Shankara says - svakaale satyavat bhaati, prabhode satyasat bavet -  Hence reality is not based on the transactability but on the nityatvam or that which is eternal and unchaning alone is real and only Brahman satisfies this requirement. Hence Brahman alone is absolutely real. The waking and dream objects in their reference are real but not absoutely real - since they are EXPEREINCED  but they not eternal. Each states negates the other. Hence both praatibhaasika and vyaavahaarika are real in their referece states. Hence they are relatively real but not from the absolute reference since Vedanta says prajnaanam brahman - pure consciousness alone is Brahman, which is infiniteness, implying that any object which is inert cannot be real. Since the are experienced they cannot  be unreal
 also. Hence mithyaa. 
Now it has been stated that aakaasha pushpma is not transactionally real and until it becomes transactionally real either in the dream state or in the waking state, it remains as asat only. If you stil insist that you can smell the flower and make a garland out of those flowers and offer to the alter of your IshTa Devata - please be my guest. I have no problem. I must say, however, that my IshTa Devata would prefer, like me, the flowers that have beautiful smell and are transactonally real to make them into garland; in spite of what you think yogavashiShTa says. 
Sorry to be blunt, but there is no confusion from in the classification from the point of adviata. Confusion arises only when one mixes these up.
Hari Om!

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>Recently members said world is Mithya but not like a fictional thing.
>I said there is no difference between Mithya and fictional thing like
>flower in the sky. Both are in dream and both are false only.
>In third  chapter Yoga Vasistha has said this -
>It is an illusion as the phantom of a city in a dream,
>and as untrue as the imagination of a flower growing in
>the air.The unreality of the world best appears to one at
>the point of and after his death.
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