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> In other words, is it to be understood that it was only after Sankara's
> period and preachings that "direct" Sanyaasa gained prominence (for want of
> a better phrase). Was it somehow influenced by the Buddhist monkhood
> practices?
> Vijay
After the advent of AchArya Shankara there might have been increase in the
number of samnyAsins and monastic organizations. This is because during his
times pUrvamImAmsa philosophy was very strong and in fact mImAmsakas were
his primary opponents. He did not do much to refute buddhism which was
already accomplished by the mImAmsakas. According to pUrvamImAmsa there is
no scope for samnyAsa except for the disabled ones. So, there is a chance
that the samnAsins were few in that period.

Shankara also contributed to the institution of samnyAs by establishing
AmnAya maths and organizing dashanAmi Order of samnyAsins.

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