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Do you condone Mani-Manjari's casting  aspersions on the character of Adi Sankaracharya's mother? What proof did they have? Everything should be looked at holistically. 

Sunil KB

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>> Namaste,
>> I understand that in the Chapter 22 of the "Mahabharata Taparya Nirnaya"
>> Sri Madhvacharya  had tried to do character assassination of Adi
>> Sankaracharya by calling the latter as a demon trying to misinterpret the
>> shastras. Has any of our esteemed members seen the above Chaapter 22.
>> Regards,
>> Sunil KB
> In the following link one can view/read a few pages from a Kannada book
> titled 'shrI vidyAraNya viShayaka AkShepa nirAsa' authored by Sri
> G.R.Patil, Dharwad.  He has excerpted a portion from a Kannada book
> 'MadhvAmRta mahArNava' Edited with Kannada rendering by Prof. Vyasanakere
> PrabhanjanAchArya M.A. and published by Aitareya prakashana , vyAsanakere
> PAjaka, No. 6, 14th Main, BSK Ist Stage, Bangalore 560 050.  The book
> published in 1992 carries a note: 'This book is for the use of Vaishnavas'.
> I am giving a few sample English translations from the excerpt:
> verse 118:  Whoever says 'namaskar' by joining his palms to a Madhwa-hater
> has to be punished by severing his arms and casting them into the ocean.
> verse 164:
> हत्वा त्ववैष्णवं विप्रं प्रायश्चित्तं न कारयेत् ।
> तेन तुष्यति मध्वेशः प्रायश्चित्तं तु निष्फलम् ॥
> [Upon killing a non-vaiShNava brahmin one need not perform any expiatory
> rites (prAyashcitta).  By such a killing the Lord of Madhva will only be
> pleased and therefore the expiatory rite will be useless.]
> Sounds like 'jihad'?

No. For the simple reason that such things never really happened or
were implemented, unlike the real jihad. It is just an exageration for
effect in poetry - something "modern" minds don't seem to understand.
Sankara and Ramanuja quote a verse which says molten lead has to be
poured into the ears of a shudra who has heard the vedas being
recited. Do you think anyone really implemented that? If the previous
one were jihad, what would you call this?

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