[Advaita-l] Is there a Cityupanisad?

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You are welcome. The actual bhAShya runs:

anyathA-viShayatve rUpAdivat-anityatva ca syAt, na-etad-uktam | "sarve
vedA yatraikaM bhavanti sa mAnasIna AtmA" iti ca shruti
nityAtmanaikatva bruvantI R^igAdInA nityatve sama~njasA syAt.

As you can see, the reference is to the vAkyas that I surmised, but it
is not called the cittyupanishad explicitly by Sankara.

It is not cit + upaniShad which would be citupaniShad. It seems likely
that it is citti + upaniShad = cittyupaniShad. The chapter (3) starts
with "citti sruk" and so on. So it may be called thus by Swami
Gambhiranandaji. In any case, it is not known by that name at least in
the South Indian circles. The Tamils call that prashnam citti-pAtham.


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> Thank you, Ramaji.   A nice piece of detective work there.
> Krishnadas.
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> The reference says it all. The third chapter in the taittiriya
> aaraNyakam is called the cityupanishad, although I have not heard of
> it being referred to by that name.
> The chapter starts citti sruk, cittamaajyam, ..., which may explain
> the name.
> The mantra being referred to is in the anuvaakam which begins suvarNaM
> gharmaM pariveda venam, ... The exact reference is probably sarve
> vedaa yatraikam bhavanti, sa maanasiina aatmaa janaanaam.
> The entire chapter is about the inner meaning of Vedic yajnas.
> No need for any costly photocopying. You can find the saayana
> bhaashyam for the taittiriiya through google.

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