[Advaita-l] Advaita and Islam?

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> Namaste.
> The Advaita vedanta is the natural and logical culmination of the
> Upanishads.The Upanishads are the crown jewels of the Vedas(shiromani).The
> Advaita vedanta speaks of the formless,all pervading God,which it
> calls,Brahman,which means,big(from the "Brh datu).

The Shvetashvataropanishat mantra 6.11 :

*एको देवः* सर्वभूतेषु गूढः सर्वव्यापी *सर्वभूतान्तरात्मा*
कर्माध्यक्षः सर्वभूताधिवासः साक्षी चेता केवलो निर्गुणश्च.
declaration is at once teaching both the Advaitic nature of the Supreme and
its being devoid of attributes.


> The Islam as I understand also prays to the "formless"Allah,which it calls
> big.Perhaps,this might have prompted some to form fanciful ideas of
> borrowing from it.
> But,the sant Kabir has composed many songs reflecting the Advaitic ideas.I
> one of his songs,"din chale bin sahajabinare"sung by the  great
> M.S.Subbulakshmi,there are lines which are:"Balavasta kelugavayi,jab
> javanitab naritanayi.."which are straight from Adi Shankara's"Bhaja
> Govindam"which are,'Balastavath kridasaktah,taruastavath tarunisaktah"
> Many gifts have also been donated by Tippu sultan to the sringeri mutt,and
> it is o record from his letters to the then Pontiff of the mutt that he
> held the Pontiffs ad the mutt in great reverence.
> N.Srikanta.

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