[Advaita-l] Advaita and Islam?

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If so why is the author P Sankaranarayanan saying there is a
allegation against Advaita borrowing from Islam? Where is this
allegation? Which book? Who is making allegation?

Other facts. Nizam of Hyd has given costly crown jewels to Sringeri
Matha. When you are going to Sringeri you can see many villages with
Muslims and mosques nearby.

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>  cannot be a greater joke in saying that Advatins got the idea from
> Islam.It is rather the otherway around when we have evidences  that the
> "sufi"system of religion in Islam,and the numerous saints starting from
> Dara shuko and many fakirs,got the idea from Advaita.speaking in a
> lighter vein,many years before,the word "Badari"in "Brahma sutra
> Bhashya"was interpreted as,"padari'meaning father in a church,etc.these
> are all fanciful stories which have no basis.
> N.Srikanta.



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