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Dear friends,

You may be interested in reading what Adi Sankaracharjya wrote in his commentary on the verse 171 of the Lalita-Trisati-Bhashya, which mentions the heart. 

Dr. Chaganti Suryanarayana Murthy translates that as follows :

Hārdasamtamasāpahā. हार्द means that pretaining to the heart. "'Yo' Veda Nihitam Guhayām . One who knows Him in this heart  (Tai-U)." According to 'Tama-Āsit' darkness which limits Ātma exists there. It is the Nescience that dwells in the heart., called Avyākrtākāsa. This darkness in the heart is dispelled by mental attitude, which is the result of hearing the Mahāvākyas. The ignorance says 'I am not Brahman'. I am samsāri. There is neither Brahman nor is He shining. This ignorance is contradicted and hence,  dispelled by Her-Jnana-Knowledge, as the
 basis of the meaning of Mahāvākya 'I am Brahman, my attributes are Sat-Chit-Ananda'. She is Brahman, the One-ness mentioned in the Sr. 'Nehā-nānā'. No plurality here.

Dr. A. Gopalakrishna translates the same as follows :

Devi caries away(steals away) the darkness (of ignorance) from the hearts (minds) (of the devotees) -Devi removes the darkness of 'Maya' and grants bliss (Ananda) to her devotees.(हार्द = heart; "soM" = associated; 'tamas'= darkness; 'apahā' = carries away or steals away)

Sunil KB

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Though  most of the people have their physical heart on the left hand side, some people do have it on the right hand side. That shows that the entire area is the "heart-zone" and the Atman is in the cave at the center of the "heart-zone".That shows that Ramana Maharshi is right when he says that Atman resides in a position to the right of the left-sided heart.  This is in line with what the Kanchi Paramacharya said  and is also in line with the Upanishad, which says "ahamkarasya (sthAnaM) hrdayam". Any

Sunil KB

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Namaskaram Subbu-ji, yes. Your explanation is fine. Actually the heart the Kanchi acharya speaks of is suddenly popping up in the passage Shyam-ji has produced. It seems he had been speaking of it in some context prior to this passage.

This part of your explanation

" ... the physical heart is located in the body and that it is the locus of the Atman for the purpose of realization. "

I think is consistent with the kanchi acharya as well. The question remains whether he would use the word "heart" for this locus (if that is what he is doing) without any shastraic or sampradayic basis. 

Not that you are at fault, but your response seemingly takes for granted that the acharya here speaks based on his own kalpana, whereas someone else may assume first that the acharya's words must indicate a deeper tradition behind them - and that needs to be sought before concluding on this topic. (It is fine if he is making his own play on the word 'heart'; but the fact that he is saying it needs to be further enquired into.)


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Dear Putran ji,

The discussion was about the meaning of the word 'heart' in the Upanishads and in this context we dwelt on the ShAnkara bhAshyam were this word has been commented on.  As you would have noticed in all the cited instances the word 'heart' took the meaning of the physical organ, the buddhi/manas located in it, the unmanifest(avyAkRta) and the availability of the Atman there for realization.  We did not come across the meaning 'Atman' given to the word 'heart' by Shankara.  It is in this context alone that my response was made to the Kanchi Periyaval's usage of the term heart. 

> Mention of physical heart is to allude to the real Heart that is to be imagined/intuited within it. So to say that Shankara or Sayana are talking of physical heart, and not the heart that the acharya is referring to, is missing the boat.

I did not say that Shankara and Sayana are not talking about the Atman.  What I highlighted was that Shankara and Sayana were saying that the physical heart is located in the body and that it is the locus of the Atman for the purpose of realization.  In fact Shankara and Sayana have not called the Atman the 'real heart'.  I am not objecting to the revered Kanchi Acharya's usage.  All I pointed out was that Shankara is giving meanings different from the one the Acharya used that word. Perhaps the Acharya was conscious of this and maybe that is why he said 'the heart that I am talking about on the other hand..'. 


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