[Advaita-l] About Sri Rudram

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Tue Sep 11 01:03:55 CDT 2012

And also some people opine that Sri Rudram is not a sukta, if its not Sukta
unlike Purusha Sukta or Sri Sukta, what is it called
>From karma kANDa perspective, shatarudriya is called *iSTaka* and from
jnAna kANDa perspective, it is called *upanishad*.
Since, shatarudirya is the upanishad, it's pArAyaNa has been 
prescribed for brahmachArIs, grihasthAs, vAnaprasthIs & sanyAsIs (kutichaka) also.
Sri Rudram is also called rudrOpaniSad.  Also, it has the famous panchAkshari mantra
embedded in itself.   Sri Rudram has a broader perspective in applications be it karma kanda or jnana kanda.  Whereas, it is not so for rudra sUkta of rg veda. 
BTW, sUkta implies that which has been well said / described / extolled (su+ukta) 
about the deity.  So, in that context, shatarudriya is also called su-ukta as it
describes well the vishwarupa of rudra. 

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