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Thank you. Actually, I don't mind the price.
I read up and figured out that Abe Books is an online marketplace, i.e., there are a number of book sellers who will list their books on the site and the transaction is between these book stores and users. Now book sellers can also list used books, companion books etc., with their own descriptions; if, the buyer does not know the trade-jargon, he just lost his money. Even so, I thought I should order. The problem was that there are quite a few complaints - on the internet - that Abe Books have taken the money but that the book was not delivered. Apparently, the response of Abe Books was poor. The user agreement of Abe Books says that there are not responsible for anything, and that if one still wants to litigate, the jurisdiction is only Vancouver, British Columbia. In India, where the sellers can be quite shady, we use VPP or cash on delivery. It is the seller who takes the risk of the buyer returning the consignment without taking delivery (unlikely
 that the buyer would waste so much time ordering, if he was not serious). So I placed my order with 'cash' as the payment option. 
The seller who has Apte's book has described it as "some fading to covers otherwise sound VG in chipped and nicked good only dust jacket."
The bookseller is located at Charing Cross Road, London (I know only the Ooty Charing Cross :-)) and I live in Hyderabad, India. I don't know if VPP (Value Parcel Post, where one takes delivery of the book and pays the amount to postman) is available in international shipping. I wonder if any member can help me and suggest any other way short of paying the required Rs. 5,000 and wait with crossed fingers.
N. Siva Senani

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>V.M. Apte's translation is available on Abebbooks.com; but at USD 90 it is quite expensive. Regards, 
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>Actually, I am trying to get a copy of this one particular translation (Apte) in an attempt to compare the translations of the bhashya on the chatussutri. It is published by Popular Book Depot. This is one of the seven English translations. I got the others (given below) in either a book form or as an ebook, but not this one. So, if anybody can help me get it, I would be most thankful. Kindly help.

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