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to all
Livestream the audience will be joining the on-going pravachans on Saturdays
from 10:30Am to 11:30Am, EST. We are close to the end of the first chapter. However
while welcoming the Livestream audience an introduction and brief summary of
the topics covered so far in the First Chapter on Tatva Viveka will be provided
so that audience will have no problem in following. The second chapter exclusively
deals with sat aspect of Brahman elaborating the statement of Uddalaka to his son
Swetaketu – sat eva soumya idam agara aseet. 
is written by Sri Vidyaranya Swami. Sri Vidyaranya was a teacher, mentor and a
motivating force behind Harihar and Bukkaraya who were the founders of great
Vijayanagar Empire. Vidyaranya was also the Pithadhipati (Head of Sankaracharya
Pitha) during 14th Century. In this book, he addresses many of the objections
raised by other opponents who came after Shankara, using navya nyaaga arguments.
The analysis provides a strong basis for mananam for those who have some
exposure to Vedanta. This is a Prakarana Grantha capturing the essence of
Upanishads. The book comprising of (15) chapters (panchadasi) is divided into
three parts: Viveka, Deepa & Ananda Panchakams. Please join us in the study
of this important text and any feedback to improve the presentation is welcome.
As the saying goes when the teaching goes on there are two that learn, one is the
teacher and the other is the student; but the former gains more than the later. 
Hari Om!
livestream can be accessed via:

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