[Advaita-l] 'Chants in Cyberspace' स्वदेशो भुवनत्रयम्

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Hare Krishna

Seems a lucrative post retirement job for me :-))  Here in Bangalore I 
went as a saha-ritvik with a famous priest at US, who makes India visit 
atleast 10 times every year.  He himself told me that he has a private 
aircraft for the travelling in US.  His name is Sri Umashankar Deekshit. 
He is the busiest priest I've ever seen (no shUnya, adhika or AshAda mAsa 
draught from him :-)).  He is not a bada brAhmaNa ( poor vaidika) by any 
stretch of imagination.  prabhuji-s in US might be knowing him.  He is the 
chief priest at Sri siddhi vinAyaka temple.  Place I forgot.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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Namaste Subbuji,
On a lighter vein.
cyberneTTAya namaH ...google-guravE namaH :))
We needn't require the vadyar every month. Record the same episode and 
play the same
every month.  We can save the dakshina also.  
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