[Advaita-l] Vikalpa, Savikalpa, and Nirvikalpa

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Fine. Leave Janaka. What about Vamadeva? He got Jnana when he was in
the mother's womb itself. How can he practice Ashtanga Yoga including
Samadhi in the womb? This is showing Yoga practice is not necessary.
It may be good to practice but it is not the only way to get Jnana.

In Gita Krishna is talking Sankhya and Yoga. In Sankhya approach we
require analytical skills. If sharp analytical skill is there the
person will not need anything more than that for Jnana. Yoga is a
different approach. Both will be proper approach for Jnana. But we
can't say only Yoga approach is correct.

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>> Why there is the necessity for Samadhi experience? Janaka was a Jnani
>> and King. He did not have time to do meditation and go into Samadhi.
>> But he got Jnana doing his daily activities only.
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> Namaste,
> According to laghu yOga vAsishTa janaka got enlightenment through the
> samAdhi abhyAsa. You can see the details of his sAdhana in the following
> link.
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/advaitin/message/57874
> It should be noted that Sri Vidyaranya, a sampradAya AchArya has profusely
> quoted this text in his work 'jIvanmukti vivEka'. I could trace this
> portion with the help of his citation.
> Best Wishes,
> Vinayaka
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