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Please sign and forward to others. Government will respond if there is
threat to votes. The campaign to protect Yamuna was part successful because
of this. If enough petitioners are brought together, the fast can be
stopped and Ganga can be cleaned. If everyone thinks of it as a wedding in
the family and connects to all friends and family systematically, can
easily get 500 - 1000 people to sign up.

There is a smriti text where Krishna tells Ganga that His devotees will
clean Ganga. From advaitin point of view, this is definitely a great means
for citta suddhi.

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Request all devotees to sign this petition if you have not already signed

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The Ganga can be free of sewage with your support
I Want a Clean Ganga
sukadeva -
Ganga in Danger: Water in the Ganga is not fit for drinking or bathing and
has high levels of dangerous bacteria. Despite government commitments to
clean the river the plans have not been implemented properly.

Ray of Hope: Akhilesh Yadav, new Chief Minister of UP says he is keen to
listen to people. He can ensure that clean Ganga plans become a reality.
But he needs to see public support.

The Clean Ganga campaign started a petition asking Akhilesh Yadav to take
action and do what other UP leaders have failed to do.

Financing Available: The World Bank has recently committed $1 billion to
clean the Ganga from Kanpur to Varanasi.

Previous governments have already wasted over Rs. 3000 crore without
substantial results. We must ensure that this is not repeated.

Simple Solution
1. Capture - 100% of the sewage must be captured before it enters the river.
2. Clean - build sewage treatment plants that don't need electricity and
remove all disease causing bacteria.
3. Coordinate - communication between the public, NGOs, intergovernmental
bodies and national, state and local government, so that money and time is
no longer wasted.
4. Check - test, verify and report weekly whether the plant is in operation
and whether the water is clean.

You can make sure that Mr. Yadav hears the demands of the people by adding
your support - sign and share the petition for a clean Ganga:

Thank you for taking action,

Avijit and the Change.org team
PS: IIT professor, Dr G.D. Agrawal is in the final phase of his fast unto
death to save the Ganga River. The doctors say he may only have days left.
If Akhilesh Yadav commits to cleaning the Ganga we can still save Dr.
Agrawal's life.
PPS: Join our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter
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sukadeva swami

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