[Advaita-l] kratu without IshvarapraNidhAna

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Thu Mar 22 22:44:31 CDT 2012

Acharya Pushpadanta refutes the theory that effect is independant of theoretical 
He uses very carefully the word *kratau suptE* in the 20th sloka.  
The dakSa yajna was meticulous supervised by all the mantravAdins, devatas and 
above all viSNu.  The prayOga, vidhi & viniyOga was perfectly implemented here.
Then why the dakSa yajna got destroyed.
The purpose of using the word *kratau suptE* is to show that if one ignores 
the karma phala dAta, howsoever grandly one performs the karma kANDa, 
it is just a dormant, lifeless, dead ritual without any chaitanya in it.  
The kratu is dormant and in *sleep mode* (kratau suptE) whereas Ishwara who is
karma phala pradAta is always *awake* in bestowing the fruits of that kratu.  
If one forgets the Ishwara by ignoring / lacking shraddha on Him, the yajamana has
to face the consequences like dakSa whose yajna got destroyed.  The subsequent
sloka ie., 21st one was beautifully explained by Acharya Pushpadanta.  

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