[Advaita-l] From the Notes on Naiskharmya Siddhi - 4th Chapter

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Tue Mar 20 11:29:42 CDT 2012

PraNAms - I forgot to address one question posed by Sriramji. 

He asked:
<Can we say it as other way round ie., whatever a jnani does becomes a <dharma sukshma
<for ajnanis and whatever He utters becomes a shAstra vAkya. . 

No - Shastra is apourusheyam. Utterance of a jnaani cannot be a shaastra vaakyam.

However Jnaani will not say that is contradictory to the shaastras. Shraddhaa is defined as shaastrsya guruvaakyasya satya buddhyaavadhaarana - Shaastras come first. In fact a right teacher is one who directs the disciples to shaastras as authority not to himself. This is the part of the teaching he gets also from his teacher. 

He may interpret the shaastras based on his experience - highlighting something in relation to the others. Only those that are tuned to that type teaching will find help from that jnaani. 

With this I quit.

Hari Om!

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