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Tue Mar 20 06:03:27 CDT 2012

On Tue, Mar 20, 2012 at 3:51 PM, Bhaskar YR <bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com> wrote:

>  This 'messenger of God' state is
> only temporary which will last till the prArabdha bhoga exists and once
> that is exhausted there will be nothing that stands between this jnani and
> kaivalya.:
> praNAms Sri Subbu prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> So, shall we say as long as prArabdha is there, there remain two entities
> intact (i.e. Ishwara and mukta jeeva-s) !!??

Pl. note that I did not imply that.  Even while prarabdha is there the
jnani's advaita jnana is in tact.

> And this also gives us the impression that prArabdha can continue in mukta
> jeeva-s even after
> bhautika shareera tyAga.  Kindly clarify, whether this prArabdha karma
> results in ONLY continuity of bhautika shareera of the the jnAni or can it
> have influence in mukta jeeva-s even in parameshwara sAnidhya??

Any sharIra that is required to do any vyApara is not without prakRti
sambandha.  We may debate whether it is bhautika or not but the point is
that it is prakRti only.

> And due to this prArabdha karma if they again come back to bhUlOka, can we
> say
> that  this is their 'punarjanma'??  bruhadAraNyaka says after the 'death'
> (!!??) of jnAni, his vA~jmanaH prANa etc. do not transform into 'vrutti
> rUpa' and it will merge in pancha bhUta and hence there is no punarjanma.

This is the rule for those who are destined to 'go' to kaivalya.  For those
jnani-s who are destined by Ishwara to take up one or the other cosmic
portfolios, there can be any number of sharIra-s.

> So, for the paramArtha jnAni, there is no punarjanma, can we say
> apAntaratama-s etc. who incarnated as vyAsa etc. due to prArabdha are
> second tier jnAni-s??

Surely not.  That is what Shankara clarifies in the yAvadhikAra bhashya.
There is no difference in their jnAnam.  The difference is only in the
karma-upAsanA stock of the respective jnAnis.  It is because of the
extraordinary upAsana/karma stock of these jnani-s that Ishwara gives them
these posts.  It is something like a very accomplished/experienced
Professor is asked to do an extended service of three or five years even
after the normal retirement age of 60.  His special attainment is so great
that the institution wants to derive continued use of it for some more



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