[Advaita-l] Namaskar, please .I really need help for some confused

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Mon Mar 19 11:04:22 CDT 2012

/////You can confidently say that this verse refers to a particular sect of pasu
patha matha of nalusha, a Gujarati Brahmana and considered an incarnation
of Lord Siva. He lived 2500 years ago and adopted the Buddhist tantrik
practices and so was considered prachanna bauddha. He taught aikyam between
jiva and Siva by transfer of all qualities,  not acceptable to vaidhikas
because Siva is a particular manifestation of the Lord and you don't become
Siva. He taught in the Brahmana form fitting he description Brahmana rupina
in the verse. He asked the ascetics of his order to violate all regulations
by doing things such as public ejaculation so that common people are
shocked out of maya. He argued everything is an illusion and taught common
people to relax varnashrama rules as did Buddha. Both these fit giving up
all karma stated in the verse.
//What is the basis of the above para?  The above statement alsoexposes your inability to grasp the pAshupata mata.//ISKCON devotees are very committed to Krishna Bhakti. They have Lord
Krishna as their sole aim in their life.// For couple of years, i was haunted by a president of ISKCON branch(a popular one !!).  He was after me for initiation of kriShNa mantra and almost pestered me.  When i asked what should be my qualification for initation of that mantra, he asked meto just pay Rs. 1000/- to him which is the only qualification ! There are also other clandestine affairs that go on in someof the branches but i am tight-lipped on that issue lestthe discussion gets side tracked.   sriram     

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