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Sun Mar 18 09:14:25 CDT 2012

Rajaramji - PraNAms

muDha is used by Shankara even for all those who delude themselves by considering the inert bodies as I am. I am afraid lot of people come under that category. 

The problem with some traditions is the criticism is done at personal level - The very implication is they do not have substance in the criticism of the contents. 

Traditionally the objections and counter objection to philosophical positions are agreed methods of miimamsa to arrive at the truth - at that time the persons are not given importance, only the issues. When the criticism gets down to the personal level, it is clear that they do not have much to say at the issue level.

Surprisingly, I find this often in the on-line discussions - people come down to personal level than at issue level.

Hari Om!

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 I even remember seeing the term mudha with respect to other traditions in hisworks.  

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