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If ISKCON concept does not match with other thinkers, it is not wise on the part of ISKCON to call others fools. Advaita vedanta has explanation for both but ISKCON people do not see that.
The Bhagwat Geeta talk is in the realm of Vyaharika whereas the concept of advaita is to rise to Paramarthika. It is in this stage that everything becomes one and if the question is asked- Who is surrendering to whom? the question itself does not arise because the triad disaapears.
Apparently they are mixing up these.

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Recently, I read in an internet post written by a follower criticising
us advaitins. His post was like, "When Krshna asks arjuna and
consequently everyone to surrender to him in the Bhagawadgita, he's
directly telling us to surrender to him. Can someone surrender to
himself(pointing to advaitins)? Surrendering can be done between two
different beings only and not on one's self. Only "FOOLS" who cannot
understand the Bhagawadgita preach such things."

Of course abusing Gurus of other sampradayas is the trademark of
modern day ISCKON disciples anyway. Comments please.
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