[Advaita-l] Sayujya vs. Advaita Siddhi

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Is sayujya same as as advaita siddhi? Sri Shyam's response to my post in
the other post is very relevant to this.

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> Sridhara Swami was an advaitin but his view of Advaita is different from
> the views of many contemporary  advaitins. For example, his view is
> is that He is absolute. He considered advaita siddhi to be different from
> sayujya following Bhagavatam, which says that a devotee does not accept
> of the five kinds of liberation including sayujyam and attains the very
> state or Vishnu. As you can see from Sri Sadananda's post, contemporary
> advaitins equate sayujyam with advaita siddhi.
The commentary on the vivekacUDAmaNi (verse 2) by Sri candraSekhara bhAratI
svAminaH mentions that
"sAlokya-sAmIpya-sArUpya-sAyujya" cannot be considered be truly mukti. The
commentary is in
An english translation
of the same is in


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