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Sat Mar 17 11:08:06 CDT 2012

Abhishekji PraNAms

Yes they are absolutely correct complete surrender is moksha.

There is no complete surrender if surrenderer is still there to surrender. Hence in the complete surrender the surrenderer himself has to get dissolved to become one with him. saadRisyam - saameepyam - saayujyam - in the saayujyam there is no more jiiva left to surrender. That is advaita, in that all the duality is surrendered. 

This surrender can only occur by knowledge that there is is only Him - who is sat chit ananda swaruupa. 

Hence Lord says - yo maam pasyati sarvatra, sarvan ca mayi pasyati| tasyaaham na praNasyaami sa ca me  na praNasyati| who ever sees Me everywhere and every thing in Me, is not away from Me and I AM not away from him. The statement is also made from the self point - sarva bhutastam aatmaanam sarva bhutanica aatmani - who sees oneself in all and all in oneself. 

Any other surrender is limited and therefore not really a surrender since it leave behind a jiiva who has not surrendered. 

Of course ISKON people will not understand this since they are soaked with the idea that this is not - as is interpretation of Git and only their interpretation is - AS IS.

There is no point to reeducate them - Krishna will do that perhaps in the next or future lives. 

Respecting all achaaryaas is our tradition - However following right  aachaarya is wisdom. 

Hari Om!

-- On Sat, 3/17/12, abhishek sm <abhishek046 at gmail.com> wrote:
Recently, I read in an internet post written by a follower criticising
us advaitins. His post was like, "When Krshna asks arjuna and
consequently everyone to surrender to him in the Bhagawadgita, he's
directly telling us to surrender to him. Can someone surrender to
himself(pointing to advaitins)? Surrendering can be done between two
different beings only and not on one's self. Only "FOOLS" who cannot
understand the Bhagawadgita preach such things."

Of course abusing Gurus of other sampradayas is the trademark of
modern day ISCKON disciples anyway. Comments please.

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