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Page 181-182

'The senior Pejavara Swamiji recently gave Sannyasa to a prominent
female political member of the Bharatiya Janata Party. When I asked
the Pejavara Swamiji why he had gone out of the way and given Sannyasa
to a woman he replied, ' She was deeply interested in leading a life
devoted to service in the name of God and she wanted to be initiated
by a Madhva Sannyasi. Besides, she had been asking me since a very
long time.'

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> I thank you for providing this information with links to original text. You
> must have worked hard to type those verses. Thank you, again.
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>> In the cited Mahabharatha verses there is one verse which informs us that
>> sulabhA was carrying the tridanDa (which she had temporarily laid away
>> during the conversation with Janaka):
>> छत्रादिषु विमुक्तस्य *मुक्तायाश्च त्रिदण्डके*॥ 12-320-19
>> Though the practice of women taking up the paramahamsa sannyasa (with
>> tridanDa) is not encountered today,
> A wrong conception. That type of saMnyAsa which is marked by tridaNDa is
> not called paramahaMsa-saMnyAsa at all. paramahaMsa saMnyAsa is marked by
> either eka-daNDa or lack of daNDa.
>> there is evidence in the smRti for such
>> a practice having been in  vogue.
> Without having vidhi-vAkyA-s to support saMnyAsa of women, it is not
> correct to say that they are allowed by veda-s to do so. Any story which
> has no base in vaidika-dharma-shAstra-s or is opposed to nyAya-s of
> pUrva-mImAMsA is not acceptable.
> Q: Is there any basis for saying that women can't take this saMnyAsa, which
> is marked by tridaNDa and bhixA, etc. ?
> A: Yes. saMnyAsa is meant mainly to shun karma-s and their tools, i.e.
> shikhA, yaGYopavIta, etc. When there is no adhikAra of women in
> karma(according to pUrva-mImAMsA and the popular belief), there can be no
> talk of shunning karma. प्रसक्त एव निषिध्यते ।
> Q: Do you mean that sulabhA was not a bhikshukI ?
> A: No. I'm just saying that if she really did it, she was definitely not
> doing it according to veda-s. She may be following any other path.
> Q: How could you say that ? She is mentioned in an itihAsa, so she was
> definitely a vaidika-saMnyAsinI.
> A: No. As there is no rule that only people following veda-s are mentioned
> in itihAsa, etc. If this is so, buddha, chArvAka, tAntrika, etc. will
> become vaidika.
> And please note that the commentary is not showing any scriptural proof to
> support it's view. It is just doing a sort of imagination.
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