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PraNAms - For those interested there is an article on Jnaana Yoga. 

Hari Om!

The March issue of the CMWRC bi-monthly newsletter, Chinmaya Smrithi, is now online.  Please visit www.chinmayadc.org, "Smrithi Newsletter" link to view this and
 past issues.  {The next
 issue will be published in mid May.}
In this issue you will find:

Events & Library

- Events and Links

- News Briefs

- Flyers

- 2012 Mahashivaratri Celebration

- Holi Celebration at Walter Reade 
Medical Center

Bala Vihar 

- Memorial Service Observing 10th 
Anniversary of September 11 - Madhulika Nallani

- 2011 Winter Youth Camp - Nirav Shah

Members and Friends

- Poem: Truth Becomes Sweet - Aziza 

- Sri Gurudev - Artwork by Kaushik 

- Kedarnath Maanasa Theertha Yatra 
- Sitaram Kowtha

- Series: Self Unfoldment Summaries: 
Chapter 1 - Freedom

Vedantic Thoughts

- Series: Jnana Yoga and Self 
Realization –  VI - Acharya Sadananda
Series: Smrithi of Smrithi  
(Reprint of Past Print Issues)

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