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Sarmaji - PraNAms

Thanks for the reference. Epistemological analysis of the western philosophy is incomplete without the consideration of the consciousness and the role of mind. They are trying to understand consciousness by objectifying it in terms of processes without realizing that very objectification make it is unconscious. In fact, what is mind - itself is not clearly understood - whether it is matter or not - although there have extensive psychological analysis in terms of sub-conscious and unconscious states. They do understand that the matter interferes with the mind as in the case of drugs.  
There is also the Godel's incompleteness theorems for any fundamentally based axiomatic systems; and further considerations where these theorems do not apply too. In that last category the absolute existence-consciousness that is limitless stands beyond the applicability since it is the subject who is existent-consciousness and is pre-requisite for any epistemological applications.

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