[Advaita-l] Nitya Karma Question

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Wed Mar 14 02:54:31 CDT 2012

Intention was not to say that throw your anuSTAna to winds but to catch the *right spirit* behind this karma kANDa.  Also we can't say that by performance of sandhya & agni kArya, he is following his *swa-dharma* which has a broader definition.  And hence, 
the reference to the sutra was cited.  BTW, request you to read the commentary of
that sutra carefully.
Is there some other small Karma instead of Soma Yaga in the Dharma Sastras.
Frankly speaking, the question posed indicates lack of seriousness
in one's own anuSTAna.  
Frankly, speaking how many are doing the sandhyavandana *as it ought to be done*
without performing prAyaschitta arghya.  
What is your bhAvana while doing achamana, prANAyAma, mArjana mantra, 
pApa puruSa dahana etc. Are you able to visualize the *burning of sins* while
chanting *drupAdAtiva munchatu*.  How many cycles of prANAyAma are being 
done by you or is it just for namesake by holding the tip of nose. 
What is your bhAvana while chanting "manyukArSin mantra*.  What do you understand
by *dadhikrAvaNNaH* and why it should be invoked in the mouth for vAk shuddhi as 
*surabhinO mukhA....*.  
Coming to gAyatri dhyAna, are you able to visualize the *bhargas* of *Savita*.  If yes, 
what is the colour of that jyoti.  What does the colours of 5 faces of gAyatri as
muktA, vidruma, ....dhavaLa signify.  Are you able to literally see those colours. If yes,
where does it shine and what does it signify inside our body.
Request your findings / observations during performance of sandhya.  
We will talk about agnihotra later.....


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