[Advaita-l] Grand Soma Yaga Athiratram in Bhadrachalam AP from 21 April to 02 May 2012

Anand Hudli anandhudli at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 13 23:42:35 CDT 2012

Dear Shri Subrahmanian-ji and Shri Bhaskar-ji,

There are various chanting styles of the Rigveda even in the South. In the
Sringeri (Mysore) pATha, there is no elongation of certain svaritas. For
example, in "agnimILe purohitaM...", the "hi" in purohitaM is a svarita. In
the Sringeri pATha, the "hi" is not pronounced "hI" (dIrgha), whereas in
the Kanchi pATha it is pronounced "hI". Also, in the next word, there is a
svarita in the word "yajnasya". The "sya" is a svarita and is elongated
during chanting in the Kanchi pATha. It sounds almost like "syA", but not
exactly. The Namboodiri  and GokarNa styles are different.


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